Best Dog Tricks - All in One Place

A talented and clever miniature schnauzer that follows the command of owner and doing her hand shake trick, high 5, waving, dance and spinning… anything to get her favorite treats.

A very cute and obedient one year old maltese dog brandishing his set of cool tricks such as sit & stay, down, high 5, roll over and play dead. Must watch for those dog tricks enthusiast.

Chinese Crested Dog doing her dance trick in style. Balances graceful, spins and very obedient.

Look how cute the dog is when he runs, jumps. A hyper active but well-trained Jack Russels dog breed. Definitely a good breed for those wannabe dog trainer. The owner actually uses clicker training to make him balance on a ball. Awesome!!! My favorite trick is the limping on one leg. Cool….

A short video clip about a pug that plays dead when her owner said “BANG”. How adorable and you just have to look at the way on how it reacts to the command. Neat dog trick.

A look at how dogs are being trained to perform simple tricks. Starring collie, sheepdog and shepherd. Nice rollover, stand on hind feet and you must love the ending part whereby they show their cool walking on two feet kind of trick.

Check out this video for some awesome dog tricks. I can see several neat moves performed by this clever dog. Among those are: Sit, Lay Down, Paw, Paw on Feet, Kissing, Whisper, Roll over, Standing on Two legs, Walking in a line, Spin, Slalom, Bow, Go round…and many more

A well-trained golden retriever who obeys the command to fetch anything, any object. What’s best is that he can identify which item is which. Good boy!

So adorable. A German shepherd trained to jump through hula hoops, remove socks (yucks) and then gets his treats.

A Shih Tzu that follows the command of her owner attentively and will sneeze upon being told to. She will also do her roll over trick, shake her head and her appearance is definitely fun and interesting to watch